samedi 14 septembre 2019

جمعية فجر الرياضي بشراكة مع جمعية الأعمال الاجتماعية لموظفي وزارة الأوقاف و الشؤون الإسلامية تنظم رحلة إلى الديار الإسبانية و البرتغالية ..
 .وذلك من 01 نونبر 2019 إلى 06 منه

إعلان عن فتح باب الإنخراط تعلن جمعية فجرالرياضي عن افتتاح موسم الإنخراط  في رياضة الجيدو
 2019 / 2020
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jeudi 12 septembre 2019

And now we are FJR Sportive on Facebook!

And now we are FJR Sportive on Facebook!

Thank you for your trust and support,
Our dream was to engage in a collective vision to build an excellent environment to practice and enjoy sports, as Football, Judo & Running lovers, we wanted to promote our passion and share around, with so positive insights, energy, and clean sphere for parents, children, and everyone.

We are proud of you, by your trust, encouragement, and support you provide, every member of our team is just inspired to do more!


lundi 9 septembre 2019

Change of Facebook page's name

Dear followers,

We would like to notify you about this new change to better our branding in the Internet and Social Media, as you know it's more easy to interact with brands who use the same name to brand their presence.

For this, our current Facebook page is Football, Judo & Running, we are working with the Facebook team to change to FJR Sportive.

Thank you for following us, thank you for your trust and support.

Best regards
Abdellah BOUDADE
General Secretary of FJR Sportive Association.

mardi 3 septembre 2019

جمعية فجر الرياضي في رحلة سياحية الى الديار الإسبانية